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The Islamic Tijaniya Foundation of  America (ITFA) is a non-profit organization 501 (c) (3) created to improve the faith and life of the Muslim African Diaspora and address the challenges they face. Headquartered in Washington DC, ITFA has 32 Hadara groups across the USA gathering Muslims and specially Tijanis into a network providing religious, social and economic support. ITFA’s goal is to guide Muslims in the Sunna of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and promote an Islam of peace. Within ITFA, members meet to foster spiritual enrichment and interfaith dialogue. 

ITFA’s mission
ITFA’s mission is to strengthen the faith and ease the integration of the Muslim African Diaspora. Its mission has expanded to the Muslim African Americans by creating greater synergy.
ITFA, through the US-based Tijaniya, would like to be the bridge that soothes, the link that unites the people of America and the Muslims of the world, as it promotes an Islam of peace and love.
This work is founded on the principles of Sufi Islam which teaches mutual dialogue with and respect of other faiths, quest for spiritual truths, empathy and assistance to the poor and weak. 
ITFA is a faith-based organization that devotes its means to families and individuals facing hardship. It has developed programs on prevention, education, rehabilitation, and other support services to the community at large.

 ITFA at-a-Glance
We help strengthen the faith of the Muslim African Diaspora.
We empower the African Muslim Diaspora through their faith.
We promote the rich traditions of Islam which promotes tolerance, self discipline, culture of moderation, and renunciation of violence.
We promote interfaith dialogue, peace and respect of the other cultures.
We address the challenges faced by our community.
We help families live dignified, self-determined lives by supporting them. 
We develop programs on prevention, education, rehabilitation, and support services to the community at large.
We work through a large network gathering the African Muslim Diaspora based in different cities in the USA and worldwide. 

ITFA’ s Activities
ITFA provides personalized attention, mentorship, counseling, coaching, teaching and prayer to those in need.  These services allow our community to be empowered and live self-determined, productive and valued lives. 
We focus on: 
Integration: We empower the African Muslim Diaspora by helping them improve their faith, address their challenges and be better integrated in their communities.
Peace Building: We teach peace, foster a culture of moderation and reject extremism and violence.
Community Outreach: We promote a community of praxis that recognizes the power of prayer, sharing of knowledge and assisting the poor.
Cultural Diversity: We live by the rich traditions of Islam of peace, tolerance, humility, self discipline and respect for each other.
Interfaith Dialogue: We foster interfaith dialogue and understanding among people of other religions.

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