The Islamic Tijaniya Foundation of America (ITFA, Inc) is launching free interactive online classes for ITFA and non  ITFA members. This is a great opportunity for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students to learn Arabic, Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, and to study Islam as religion and civilisation as taught by the elders.
Courses are offered both in “wolof” on tuesdays (8 – 10pm) and in english on saturdays (1 to 2pm).  Please download the application ZOOM OR ZOOM CLOUD MEETINGS for video confrencing .
Join class from your computer, Ipad or your phone:  Meeting ID: 2029574832#
please call to join or send a text message or whatsapp to: 2029574832. Friends and families are welcome to the program. Invitations will be be sent to join the program.

Support New Masjid Renovation Plan
Support New Masjid Renovation Plan


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