The ICC Project

Islamic Community Center Project

As a Diaspora, we face many challenges: being integrated in the community, remaining connected with our religion, transmitting our religious heritage to our children, avoiding the pitfalls of impoverishment in a foreign country and the attendant consequences.

We face these challenges by taking ITFA’s work to the next level.  To that end, we need a multi-purpose center that will house ITFA. This will help the organization have greater visibility, expand its work and have a greater impact in the community.

  ITFA has therefore embarked on a special initiative to mobilize resources to build and operate a multi-purpose Islamic Community Center in the Washington DC area. The center will be used to promote Islam as an all-inclusive religion that teaches peace, love and harmony and serve the purpose of:
♦  worship place  where Muslims can gather to perform their religious duties;

♦  research and conference center  to promote a peaceful Islam;

♦  cultural exchange forum  where leaders meet to share their experience and reflect on today’s society;

♦  education center  to teach the Qu’ran and instill tolerance, family values, and inclusion. 

 This project is modest, realistic, and achievable. 

How long will it takes us to realize this project? This will depend on our effectiveness as a charitable group willing to empower its community through better live.

 Contribute to our goal! May Allah (SWT) Bless you.   

Support New Masjid Renovation Plan
Support New Masjid Renovation Plan


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